Board Management exists in all Organizations

Govern for Businesses

The first principles for improving culture and conditions in any business if Good Board Governance.  Businesses have similar challenges in achieving Board Effectiveness as the Governing boards for Governments and other organizations. The reality is from Public to Private to State owned, the Governing Boards strengthen and improve Business Policies and Procedures. Effective Boards meetings for Businesses start with Govern.

Innovation begins with Start-ups. When we started building Govern, we knew how important and challenging it was to focus to build a purpose driven cloud-board management. So, we actually used Govern to schedule our sprints, Events and Tasks. We know a critical team member for Start-ups is the Advisory Board. We want you to focus on your mission and the message of your Brand. With Govern, keeping your Board informed, in-sync, updated, organized and on task is no longer a challenge.


Small and Large Businesses

As businesses Scale-up from Small to Large, the need to establish and maintain Effective Board Governance can be quite challenging. Because Govern is a cloud-based, Board Members and Teams that are in different states are always on the same page. Businesses that integrate with Govern can stay in-sync by Publishing Calendar Events to their Microsoft Office 365 Calendar, Google Calendars and Apple iCal. Increasing Board Management Productivity is effortless when you Import Documents from Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive and Dropbox. Board Members are Notified when a Document has been shared or Comment has been added. Less time looking means more time researching and engaging

Working with one Team or Governing Board is a challenge in itself. We know that over 30% of the workforce in America are Freelancers.  Govern is designed to assist both the self-employed, independent and contracted workers manage their multiple projects, as well the employer of the Freelancer. With the assistance of Govern you can be assured your collaboration on Tasks, Events and Documents will achieve an effective outcome of the Projects.

Contractors, Independents and Self-Employed

Govern's Built-in Features

  • Download
  • Upload and Import (Microsoft, Google and Dropbox)
  • Customized Categories
  • Document Level Permissions
  • Print and Export Document Listing
  • Archive
  • Filter and Sort
  • Comment
  • Notifications
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