Board Management exists in all Organizations

Govern for Clubs and Groups

Everyone wants to Simplify Board Meeting Administration, Streamline Communications and Increase Engagement. We know that Clubs and Groups are no different, and want to easily Schedule Meetings, Create Agendas and Collaborate and know who’s on what Board Members are what Committee without having to send emails. Clubs and Groups that leverage Govern can access, manage and actively engage though the cloud-based solution.

Are you one of these Clubs and Groups?

  • Academic
  • Activities
  • Athletics
  • Buying
  • Country
  • Fraternity / Sorority
  • Hobby
  • Personal
  • Private
  • Public
  • Service
  • Social

All types of Clubs, Groups and Associations exists. Associations by definition a developed group who are organized for a joint purpose. The motivation for Committee Management in Associations is to combine their energy and share resources to develop or provide services and programs which they desire themselves to give to others. Govern takes care of things like scheduling Events, recording of Tasks and informing Members of Documents and Materials they should be aware of before the next Board Meeting.


Private Clubs and Groups

Just because your Private Club is not currently Public. We know that Private Clubs and Groups still want a simple, affordable way to keep track of Tasks and planning of Events.  Private Clubs and Groups that want to be more effective during their meetings, staying on task and universal event management site can take advantage of Govern’s cloud-based, easy to use solution. Govern is designed for Private Club and Groups users to spend more time focusing on their message and less time on the management.

Club Governance, Accepted Principles and Best Practices need to go hand and hand. Public Clubs and Groups that want to promote efficient and effective Board Meetings utilize Govern. Govern provides Public Clubs and Groups a clear line of accountability and collaboration. Good Board Governance and Effective Board Management for Public Clubs and Groups starts by using Governs affordable and intuitive Task Management, Event Scheduling and Document Collaboration tools. Govern is a natural fit for the Public Clubs and Groups community.

Public Clubs and Groups

Govern's Built-in Features

  • Download
  • Upload and Import (Microsoft, Google and Dropbox)
  • Customized Categories
  • Document Level Permissions
  • Print and Export Document Listing
  • Archive
  • Filter and Sort
  • Comment
  • Notifications
  • Activity History