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Govern for Education

We know that many believe the motivation for being part of an Education Board for your alma mater or the new community that you moved too could be a good resume item and possibly a nice gesture of civic duty. We also know that many have been chosen to be part of a board for their Work, Wisdom and Wealth. With the exceptional Experience and Awesome Tasks of being part of any Committee, Govern’s Board management solution helps Team Members balance their work, life and board. While Education is typically a lightning rod for passionate conflict, Govern provides Boards transparent accountability.

A study by Heather Wolpert-Gawron asked 300 people inside and outside of Public Education in 30 words or less describe the Role of a School Board. There were 19 Different Categories and nearly 300 different answers. The Community expects Public Education School Boards and Committees to help students fulfill their potential, become well rounded and ready for the College and Career Ready. Govern is the solution to let School Boards focus on being more effective during Meetings by being Notified when new Documents, Tasks and Board Packets are added.

Public Education

Private and Independent Schools

Private and Independent Schools are independently Governed by self-funding, have auxiliary income sources and managed by self-perpetuating Boards. Govern is designed so Private and Independent Schools can maintain the high emphasis on setting the School’s Mission, overseeing the Head of Schools and keeping a close eye on the programs and practices. Govern centralizes and bolsters the collaboration between the Board of Directors and influential Trustees.

Higher Education Governance is a bit different then other Educational Boards. There is a significant coordination between the institutions Governing Board to the Local Government, Business and Statewide Systems. Govern promotes Higher Education Boards Tasks and values the Events necessary to manage an Effective Meeting.

Higher Ed

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