Public and Private Education Board Management Solutions

Govern for Education

Public and private education boards at all levels, from elementary and secondary education all the way through higher ed, have similar transparency requirements to corporate boards and their own unique stakeholders. Govern’s education board management solution helps these boards provide transparent accountability.

The community expects Public Education School Boards and Committees to help students fulfill their potential, become well rounded and ready for college and careers. Govern is the solution to let School Boards focus on their mission by being more effective during meetings and easily documenting their activities and important tasks.

Public Education

Private and Independent Schools

Private and Independent Schools are independently governed by self-funding, have auxiliary income sources and are managed by self-perpetuating Boards. Govern is designed so Private and Independent Schools can maintain the high emphasis on setting the School’s Mission, overseeing the Head of Schools and keeping a close eye on the programs and practices. Govern centralizes and bolsters the collaboration between the Board of Directors and influential Trustees.

Higher Education Governance often requires significant coordination between the institution’s Governing Board and the local government, business and state-wide systems. Govern empowers Higher Education Boards to communicate effectively and interact with these diverse stakeholders.

Higher Ed

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