Non-Profit Board Management Solutions

Govern for Non-Profit

The responsibilities of a board member are numerous, but the payoff is priceless. We feel the same about Non-Profit Organizations. Non-Profit Boards empower organizations and communities to enhance and bolster the economy. Non-Profits, like for-profits, rely on accountants, computer programs, marketing teams and other specialized teams. Centric to a Non-profit is the Governing Board that focuses on monitoring the budget and practice of the Directors throughout the year. Govern provides Non-Profits a central location to collaborate and stay current on content like Agendas, Minutes and Financial Reports.

Arts and Culture Boards foster programs for community enrichment while promoting programs that stimulate and develop awareness about the value of arts. We want Arts and Culture Governing Boards to continue contributing to the local art, music, heritage and theatre events in their communities. We built Govern so the constituents and Board can collaborate and work on funding the programs. With Govern Documents, Committees and Events, Arts & Cultural Boards can spend time developing festivities by having more effective Board Management.

Arts and Culture

Accelerators and Mentorship Programs

We like startups and innovation, and know how important it is to focus and knowledge transfer. There are many kinds of Accelerator and Mentorship Programs that help a revolving door of entrepreneurs and life long learners. Govern is purpose built for Teams to get on track quickly and stay focused by leveraging Tasks, Events and Board Packets. We want you to focus on growth, not training.

Chambers of Commerce are about networks, connections and act as a welcoming Committee to promote business within the community. We appreciate how Chambers of Commerce emphasize Teamwork, Collaboration and Growth. Govern helps Chambers serve their unique function of being a third party voice on important business decisions by centralizing Documents like Event Flyer Templates, Policies and Procedures.

Chambers of Commerce

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