Get to Know Sparked

Sparked was founded by leaders who have been in your shoes. We recognized that the inefficient, manual processes and disparate information sources were preventing the type of success-oriented environment leaders strive to create. So we set out to change that.

Sparked solutions tackle key challenges facing board led organizations by:

  • Closing communication gaps in back office operations and other non-core competency areas
  • Improving and simplifying analysis of key data
  • Getting the right information to the right people
  • Identifying trends to facilitate better decisions and drive positive change
  • Improving and enhancing communications utilizing an asset-light philosophy

We developed Govern with the venture capital support of Carnegie Technologies. Together we are working hard to make communication easier. Our goal of re-engineering how organizations provide information to board members will result in time and cost savings that allow a greater focus on the mission of the organization.

Sparked solutions are mobile-ready and purpose-built to simplify the way your organization communicates. Learn how we can help you today.