Govern Suite Of Board Meeting Planning Tools

Govern Manager

The Govern Manager portion of the Govern Suite helps boards with the day-to-day tactics essential to board governance. 

With team and committee management, document management, board packet management, event management and task management, Manager keeps board members on task and informed. Manager streamlines these administrative processes and frees up more time and resources to concentrate on your goals and mission.

Govern Task Management

Manager Highlights

  • Assign to Individuals or Committees
  • Due Date
  • Customized Categories
  • Statuses
  • Filter and Sort
  • Print and Export Task Listing
  • Comment
  • Prioritization
  • Notifications
  • Activity History

Learn how Govern Manager can help you address the challenges of day-to-day board management, decreasing the time and resources dedicated to operations and freeing your board to work toward its goals. Sign up for a free trial today.