Training Offerings

Lone Star Governance and S.B. 1566 training

With a proven history of working with school districts to identify their specific needs and develop a road map to success, our Education Consultants Team delivers personalized training and implementation support services. 

Our team members are certified Lone Star Governance and S.B. 1566 Training Providers. We also offer the only online Lone Star Governance and S.B. 1566 training and progress monitoring solution. Following your training, we support you with implementation, monitoring and measurement of progress toward your overarching goals.

Our training packages start with a primer for success, followed by comprehensive standards education, implementation and coaching for success. This ensures boards have the knowledge and tools they need to set goals aligned to desired outcomes, monitor their results and measure their success. 

We begin with a self-paced, online introduction that plants the seeds for success. This is followed by a discovery session to identify current plans and initiatives aligned to student outcomes. The next step builds upon these foundations with a two-day workshop where the Board of Trustees and Leadership Team works collaboratively with coaches.

Following this workshop, our team partners with you to implement good governance practices that drive success. And as your Board progresses toward its goals, our coaches will assist with continuous improvement in board time use, developing outcome goals, identifying appropriate progress measures, analyzing staff effectiveness, reporting and more.

Our tools like Planner and Manager make it even easier to plan strategically as well as to manage your day-to-day Board activities, helping you get more done, faster, with better outcomes. 


Learn how our training will help you, your board or your school develop, implement, monitor and evaluate systems that will elevate your overall performance. Learn more about our S.B. 1566 and Lone Star Governance training packages or contact us today.

Training Highlights

  • Focused on Student Outcomes
  • Self-Paced and Online Training
  • Personalized Workshops
  • Certified L.S.G./S.B. 1566 Trainers
  • Personalized Training and Implementation
  • Leverages Sparked Govern For Goal Setting and Measurement
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